Pandemic Tales

Pandemic Tales

Share Your Story!

We are living in unique, challenging times…and therein lies a story.

TEDxLSSC is creating a video archive of stories from our community how people have navigated, survived, and wrestled with the changing landscape created by the COVID pandemic.  The goal is to create 2-3 short documentaries where people share their stories.  These videos will be featured at various TEDxLSSC events in 2022.

Our final filming will be in April 2022 by the TEDxLSSC Tech team at the Leesburg and South Lake campuses.  Participants will be given a list of questions and 5 minutes to SHARE YOUR STORY

To apply to be a part of the project, email us with your name, brief bio, and your experiences during COVID. If selected, we will contact you to set up an interview.

For more information email