Speaker Information

What is TEDxLSSC looking for in a TED talk?

We’re looking for data-driven, research-based talks delivered by engaging, dynamic speakers who can change our perspectives and/or teach us something we didn’t know before. While TED talks can be up to 18 minutes long, we would prefer for our talks to run between 10-15 minutes.

Is there anything I should avoid in my TED talk?

Yes. TED has strict guidelines for its TED and TEDx talks. Specifically, TED prohibits religious proselytizing, political agendas, bad science, and using your talk to try and sell the audience something.

Any tips for creating a good TED talk?

Absolutely! When you start thinking about your talk, we encourage you to think big. After all, TEDx is a big, exciting platform, so don’t be afraid to bring us a big, exciting idea! Once you have your idea, make sure you’re explaining it in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Research and data are important, but they’re useless if your audience can’t understand them. Lastly, be authentic. Connect with us. Tell us stories. Make us feel something. It’s that connection that makes your research, and your idea, relatable; without it, it’s a lecture, not a TED talk. You may also want to consider watching Nancy Duarte’s TED talk, “The Secret Structure of Great Talks.”