TEDxLSSC Ripples Poetry Workshop

TEDxLSSC Ripples Poetry


Blackout poetry is created by taking a written piece of text from a book, newspaper, or magazine and redacting words, in order to come up with your own found poetry. By selecting some of the words and then coloring over other words with a marker so they are no longer visible, the writer creates a new story or poem from the existing text.  Your poem can be made up of single words or phrases or they can be read like a story. It's totally up to you!


Take a piece of text from a book or magazine.

  1. Circle, highlight, and/or select the words that stand-out to you.
  2. Cross-out, color over, or black-out the words you wish to omit.
  3. Decorate the page or create a collage to highlight your poem.
  4. Celebrate these new ideas and thoughts.